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The Corona Virus, Current Breakdown, 3/12/2020

The Coronavirus hysteria is definitely through the roof right now, but is it justified? And what should you actually do?

And how will it affect your online business?

These are important questions.

This is a long post but it can help save lives, and also help your economic situation… after all you are part of this community because of your interest in online business.

Certainly pandemics are a serious risk, but the actions YOU need to take to protect yourself are quite simple and not much different than any other winter.

Coronavirus hits 1000+ cases in USA & 600+ dead in Italy

And of course, this is a big number, but let’s look at some facts to put this in perspective…

There are 3-5 million serious cases of influenza per year (actual cases will be even higher), resulting in 250,000 to 500,000 deaths. We live with that threat every year, plus many other life-threatening dangers we ignore.

The infection and death rate of Coronavirus is higher than regular flu, so many authorities are taking sensible precautions. It can be argued such precautions are an over-reaction in comparison to the flu, but it’s difficult for even experts to say.

Pandemics are most serious after LONG and intense economic declines… they typically come AFTER economic declines when society is weakened, as was the case with the Spanish Flu. China, the source of the virus and worst hit, has suffered a long bear market in recent years. In comparison the U.S and northern Europe have experienced economic growth. Italy, which has been hit harder, has been overall declining for the past 20 years. Expect countries with multi-year declining economies to be more vulnerable.

66% of the coronavirus cases are in China, of which the majority are in Wuhan, and the spread of the virus there is declining.

Simple precautions save lives when it comes to a respiratory virus and so people need to be educated and take simple precautions… (more on that in a moment)

Focus on what you can control…

At this stage, you are more likely to be negatively affected by panic buying, canceled travel, and economic issues than the virus itself. The economic stress could have an overall bigger impact on the health of people.

You are also more likely to contract the regular flu than the Coronavirus. None of this is to say ignore it (as if you could!) but to help give you perspective so you can focus your energy in the best way.

Of course, it’s possible there could be a deadly pandemic from a virus at ANY time… it’s always a possibility, but that doesn’t mean we are here now.

The news and social media are not helping. They are unfortunately profiting from the hysteria and their commercial nature means they probably don’t have your best interest at heart, and are not necessarily spreading useful information, but sensationalism.

And when it comes to serious news, that news will likely find you because everyone is talking about it, so you don’t need to be hooked on the news cycle.

Remember Your Circle of Influence vs. Circle of Concern:
Circle of Influence

Fear of the Coronavirus spreading should be filed in the ‘Circle of Concern’ category. It is NOT something you can control, and so is NOT where you should focus your attention…

Instead focus on what you can individually control…. your circle of influence.

The things you have control over during this time are things such as:

Washing your hands

Personal Hygiene

Staying Calm

Taking Proper Precautions

Staying Home When Sick

Where you travel… while travel is probably not much of a danger for you individually, you could risk being stranded if there is a travel ban to certain places (and that is already happening in many places including where I live)

Understanding economic risks and opportunities (more on this in a moment)

Your general health, supplements, your diet and how you can help the health of others around you

And so on…

For example, if you are freaking out about the Coronavirus and hooked to the news, but at the same time drinking sugary soda which weakens the immune system (sugary drinks can dampen the immune system for hours), you might want to reflect on where your attention should be focused.

Weeks ago I said that people were over-reacting, and that seems to stand true… most people are doing things that ultimately are not helping their lives and focused on things outside of their control, instead of what actually matters.

So let’s dig into some more specifics…

Should you be concerned about the coronavirus?

A little, this is already a global outbreak and in every country of the world outbreaks are inevitable. The severity is open to question, but a good understanding of respitory illnesses and general health can go a long way…

What are the actual risks?

Coronavirus kills somewhere between 1% and 3% of people who contract the virus although long term figures are likely to be closer to 1%.

We still only have 3 months of data to draw from.

More concerning, patients over 80 have approximately a 15% chance of dying if they contract the virus.

Patients are far more likely to die if they are elderly or have pre-existing health conditions, as with normal flu.

In comparison serious cases of more regular strains of influenza kill around 0.1% of all patients (most of those deaths are also with the elderly or sick).

Over 80% of patients will have a very mild disease with flu-like symptoms.

So in short it’s a bad flu that seems to be very contagious, so it makes sense for governments and individuals to make precautions, but probably not to get caught up in the hysteria.

What precautions should you take?

While I do have a biology degree and read a lot into health I am definitely not a doctor or qualified in any way. In this post I am simply just sharing my research (and Andrew who leads our writing team has helped with this informaion as he is also a medical writer and was interviewed previously about pandemics)…

So what should you do…

Respiratory viruses spread mainly through very close contact from human to human.

In particular your skin has a horny layer that is a really poor environment for viruses to live on but there is no horny layer under your fingernails.

So getting virus droplets under your fingernails then touching the mucous membranes of your eyes and nose is a very common means of transmission.


Every time you go to the toilet wash your hands with warm water and natural soap and pay attention to washing under your fingernails.

Take 20 seconds or more to wash your hands… around the time it takes to sing the song Happy Birthday twice.

Also dry your hands thoroughly after washing. Infections spread more easily on wet hands.

If you don’t have access to warm water and natural soap use an alcohol based hand sanitiser.

If in a high risk area avoid shaking hands and avoid hand to hand contact.

Hand to hand transmission is a genuine risk for any respiratory virus.

Handling money is another risk.

It’s almost impossible to do but try to avoid touching your face with your hands.


If you visit an aged home or anyone ill or elderly…

Wash your hands before going in and avoid hand to hand contact.

Don’t go anywhere near anyone if you have cold or flu like symptoms.

Do facial dips.

This is particularly useful if you’ve been in a crowd or airports or high risk areas.

Get a bowl of warm water around the size of a punch bowl. Add 2 teaspoons of salt per litre of water.

Immerse your face in the bowl and blow bubbles through your nose.

Respiratory viruses are heat sensitive and a facial dip helps inactivate them and wash them out of your nasal passages and sinuses where they first multiply.

Similarly regularly using the sauna has been shown to help prevent flus and colds

Vitamins & Diet

A healthy diet and good general health makes you less susceptible to illnesses in general. So avoiding processed and sugary foods, and eating more fruit and vegetables will make a big impact on your health, mood and life in general.

Vitamin C has been shown to have significant positive effects on shortening colds and flus, and reducing its occurence but ONLY AT HIGH DOSES close to bowel tolerance. The doses to treat a cold can be between 4g and even exceeding 30g, broken up into multiple doses as frequent as every hour or even 20 minutes depending on severity.

I recently tried this, but only after increasing to an 8g dose of liposomal vitamin C did symptoms of a lingering cold subside within a few hours, the lower doses were less effective but did relieve symptons. (liposomal vitamin C has better absorption).

Note: Most studies with vitamin C and colds have been done at very low doses which were not enough to have an impact, but there’s a lot of evidence of it’s effectiveness at high doses since the body excretes it rapidly. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly since it’s not a patented drug, research is lacking.

Zinc is another supplement which helps defend against and shorten colds and flus and is recommended. Vitamin D as well.

Should you wear a mask?

Most masks don’t prevent the entry of viruses. Their real value is in reducing the virus droplets you spread if you cough and sneeze when you’re already infected.

But if you have what looks like the cold of flu you shouldn’t really be out in public.

If you have flu like symptoms don’t go to work, don’t go out in public and self quarantine for 14 days.

Don’t turn up at the doctors or the hospital…call first and explain your symptoms and ask for instructions on what to do next.

There really is no need for panic but knowledge is power in fighting respiratory viruses.

Taking some simple precautions dramatically reduces your chances of catching or spreading a virus.

Economic Risks & Opportunities

Obviously the travel industry and certain other industries are being hit hard. While unfortunate it’s important to look at what you can do to make your situation better.

For example, right now rental prices in my town have dropped significantly due to a drop in tourism so more properties are offering long term lets, so it’s a good time for me to find a bigger apartment which I am doing.

It’s also potentially a good time to book summer trips at a lower price for when the virus won’t be a problem, but booking winter trips would be more risky.

With high volatility in the stock market there is also opportunities for experienced traders (undoubtedly there will be at least a short term significant bounce back from the recent crash).

And of course just being smart and working on your online business rather than getting caught up in the news is a good idea.
And there are ethical ways to make the best of a bad situation… let’s say you work with a local business that has implemented high standards of cleanliness and extra precautions. You could help them advertise that using an Amp campaign, VidBullet or PR and bring them more business…

Getting sucked into the fear or allowing it to take you away from improving your life is counterproductive…

Especially since having financial stress will only make you more vulnerable, since stress lowers our immune system & personal care should be high on your priority list right now…

Taking control of your life by taking control of your finances by working on a proven business model puts you in a stronger position to have more influence on your life.

I wish you nothing but the best during these crazy times and remember to focus on what you can control…

Stay safe, healthy and well. Until next time…


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